Wednesday, 26 February 2014

WIP - Wednesday 26th Feb 2014

This is my 1st WIP post and I hope to continue to do more. It's interesting to see what everyone is working on and maybe even get some inspiration along the way. You can find the link up for everyone's WIPs at  Tami's Amis and Other Creations

This will be the 3rd time I've made this blanket and though it's a little old fashioned I love it.

The 1st time I made this was before Christmas for a work friend as his wife was expecting their 1st child (she had a girl and of course she was gorgeous as all babies are). I was a little nervous giving it to him as it was the 1st time I'd actually made a blanket this footery and time consuming but was so chuffed when they used it as a Christening blanket for their daughter.

The 2nd time I made this was for another work friend whose wife was also expecting their 1st child (they had a wee boy who was born premature at the start of January and is still in hospital but he's doing brilliantly and holding his own, gaining weight and looking good).

This time however is for my wee sister who is expecting her 1st child and her due date is actually this Friday so I really need to hurry up and get this finished in time for her. I'm hoping it's going to be a wee boy just cause we've got two wee girls so we need a boy in the family to spoil rotten but as long as mummy and baby are healthy and safe it won't matter who we get to meet and love, we'll still spoil them rotten regardless.

This is a pattern that came from my Granny. She's not really able to crochet anymore as it's just too painful for her so I got all of her patterns and just about all of her wool (neatly two black bags full of wool, I was in wool heaven!)

There's no date on the pattern so I'm not sure just how old it is but on the front it says Ellen which would be my Great Aunt Ellen whom I never got to meet so my mummy guessed it's about 35ish years old. 

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