Wednesday, 26 February 2014

WIP - Wednesday 26th Feb 2014

This is my 1st WIP post and I hope to continue to do more. It's interesting to see what everyone is working on and maybe even get some inspiration along the way. You can find the link up for everyone's WIPs at  Tami's Amis and Other Creations

This will be the 3rd time I've made this blanket and though it's a little old fashioned I love it.

The 1st time I made this was before Christmas for a work friend as his wife was expecting their 1st child (she had a girl and of course she was gorgeous as all babies are). I was a little nervous giving it to him as it was the 1st time I'd actually made a blanket this footery and time consuming but was so chuffed when they used it as a Christening blanket for their daughter.

The 2nd time I made this was for another work friend whose wife was also expecting their 1st child (they had a wee boy who was born premature at the start of January and is still in hospital but he's doing brilliantly and holding his own, gaining weight and looking good).

This time however is for my wee sister who is expecting her 1st child and her due date is actually this Friday so I really need to hurry up and get this finished in time for her. I'm hoping it's going to be a wee boy just cause we've got two wee girls so we need a boy in the family to spoil rotten but as long as mummy and baby are healthy and safe it won't matter who we get to meet and love, we'll still spoil them rotten regardless.

This is a pattern that came from my Granny. She's not really able to crochet anymore as it's just too painful for her so I got all of her patterns and just about all of her wool (neatly two black bags full of wool, I was in wool heaven!)

There's no date on the pattern so I'm not sure just how old it is but on the front it says Ellen which would be my Great Aunt Ellen whom I never got to meet so my mummy guessed it's about 35ish years old. 

Friday, 25 October 2013


Today I am grateful for my children.

No matter how much they may wind me up, misbehave and make a mess of everything they come in contact with I wouldn't do without them.

So what if they make a mess, they're learning as they play and are discovering new things as they go along.

So what if they misbehave, I wouldn't want them to behave like perfect little angels all the time, where's the fun in that.

And so what if they wind me up, their cuddles at the end of the day make everything worth while.

I've been blessed with very healthy twin girls and I'm grateful for every messy minute I have with them.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Going to be a proper Auntie!!

Alll excited because my sister is pregnant!!!!!

I'm finally getting to be an official Auntie instead of being an Auntie by marriage.

Just want to keep grinning. Despite the fact I'm in work and it's an eugh night, nothing can spoil my mood. I have mini jaffa cakes and I'm going to be a proper Auntie.


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Move over Doc, Dr Mummy is in town!

We had a teddy emergency this morning:

One of our teddies was sick!

Miss C with her teddy

Miss A my nurse for this morning
Such a serious business sewing up a teddy, they were so worried it would hurt him so there were plenty of cuddles to be had.

Then I had to have help opening my tool box as they call it:

But the operation was a success despite the worry and stress the poor teddy suffered:

And everybody was happy again!

Now back to my housework.....

Thursday, 27 June 2013

To Etsy or not to Etsy?

This is something I've been mulling over for a while:

Should I try and sell some of my crocheted bits and pieces online, or just stick to giving them as gifts?

Yesterday I thought about it again and even went as far as starting to set up a shop on Etsy but other than giving my shop a name I haven't really gotten anywhere because now I'm filled with self-doubt.

Am I good enough to sell what I make? Would people actually want to spend money on my creations? If they did buy what I'm offering, would they like them?

So many questions and all they're doing is make me go backwards instead of forwards.

Will just have to concentrate on making a few bits 1st and trying it out maybe and see how that goes.

Will have to talk it through with Hubbie and get his opinion on it and let's hope he doesn't give me the answer he thinks I want to hear and is completely honest with me.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Our 1st Parent's Evening

How daunting!!

We really didn't know what to expect but the 2 teachers and the 2 classroom assistants were very welcoming and friendly and the other parents looked just as nervous as we did so that helped our nerves settle a little.

It was a complete information overload though I have to admit as we were given all the forms we need to fill in (doctor/dentist/health visitor info, details of who would pick them up, ni clearance forms if we want to accompany them on any trips, permission to take pics and publish those pics forms). Basically any form you can think of and we were given it last night and that's not even the end of it as apparently I'll be given more forms on Monday when we bring the girls down for their 1st visit.

At least the initial stuff is over and done with and now we can begin to prepare the girls for their move away from toddler groups to big school as it was called last night.

Now if only I can stop the hubbie from blubbering everytime he thinks of them growing up it would be grand......

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Do I want more children?

We've already got our gorgeous little monsters and I've always said our family is complete but is it?

Maybe I'm feeling a bit broody because two babies have been born in our family in the past month, one wee girl and one wee boy and that's gotten me started thinking about us and maybe trying for another in a couple of years time.

Reasons for not having another child:

1st of all, my pregnancy was high risk and I hated being pregnant, I suffered big time. Fortnightly scans from my 12th week right up until 4 days before our girls were born. Projectile vomiting, Severe diarrhea. Heart palpitations that hospitalised me just before Christmas. Falling asleep everywhere and anywhere. Losing 2 stone.

2nd of all the chances of having more twins are greatly increased, is that a risk we really want to take?

3rdly, I'm not sure we could afford another baby. We're just about managing as a family of 4, could we cope as a family of 5?

Reasons for having another child:

According to the fortune teller my hubbie saw years ago he would have 3 children by 2 pregnancies. Okay, not a real reason but still he's used that as an argument since the girls were born to wind me up.

Our real reason for having another child is that we would love him/her and we've got a lot of love to give, and if we were lucky enough to have a boy then so much the better, because I'd love to have a little boy.

I dunno. It's something that we'll have to talk a lot about and we've got another 3 years roughly before my coil needs removed so plenty of time to come to a decision. Plenty of time to save up just incase we decide to try for another!
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