Friday, 14 June 2013

Our 1st Parent's Evening

How daunting!!

We really didn't know what to expect but the 2 teachers and the 2 classroom assistants were very welcoming and friendly and the other parents looked just as nervous as we did so that helped our nerves settle a little.

It was a complete information overload though I have to admit as we were given all the forms we need to fill in (doctor/dentist/health visitor info, details of who would pick them up, ni clearance forms if we want to accompany them on any trips, permission to take pics and publish those pics forms). Basically any form you can think of and we were given it last night and that's not even the end of it as apparently I'll be given more forms on Monday when we bring the girls down for their 1st visit.

At least the initial stuff is over and done with and now we can begin to prepare the girls for their move away from toddler groups to big school as it was called last night.

Now if only I can stop the hubbie from blubbering everytime he thinks of them growing up it would be grand......

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