Sunday, 7 April 2013

Do I want more children?

We've already got our gorgeous little monsters and I've always said our family is complete but is it?

Maybe I'm feeling a bit broody because two babies have been born in our family in the past month, one wee girl and one wee boy and that's gotten me started thinking about us and maybe trying for another in a couple of years time.

Reasons for not having another child:

1st of all, my pregnancy was high risk and I hated being pregnant, I suffered big time. Fortnightly scans from my 12th week right up until 4 days before our girls were born. Projectile vomiting, Severe diarrhea. Heart palpitations that hospitalised me just before Christmas. Falling asleep everywhere and anywhere. Losing 2 stone.

2nd of all the chances of having more twins are greatly increased, is that a risk we really want to take?

3rdly, I'm not sure we could afford another baby. We're just about managing as a family of 4, could we cope as a family of 5?

Reasons for having another child:

According to the fortune teller my hubbie saw years ago he would have 3 children by 2 pregnancies. Okay, not a real reason but still he's used that as an argument since the girls were born to wind me up.

Our real reason for having another child is that we would love him/her and we've got a lot of love to give, and if we were lucky enough to have a boy then so much the better, because I'd love to have a little boy.

I dunno. It's something that we'll have to talk a lot about and we've got another 3 years roughly before my coil needs removed so plenty of time to come to a decision. Plenty of time to save up just incase we decide to try for another!
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