Tuesday, 13 November 2012

From SAHM to Working Mum

This week marks my return to full-time employment since I went off on maternity leave in 2010. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Though I've worked part-time off and on since 2010 I've always called myself a SAHM because I spent more time at home with our girls than I did in work and I've enjoyed every minute of it but now I'm returning to work and I'm going to miss the girls a whole lot but I'm also going to miss being able to spend all morning in my jammies with no reason or rush to get dressed or brush my hair!

Early mornings aside I'm dreading being out of the house all day only getting back home near 8pm each night after I pick the girls up from whichever grandparent they spent the day with leaving little or no time to get anything done in the house. Fingers crossed a routine will emerge from the chaos.

Thankfully I'm working with a lot of lovely, very friendly and helpful ladies who have done their best to make me feel welcome and have eased me into the role of receptionist/administrator with a smile and plenty of offers of cups of tea to keep me going.

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